September 28, 2009

pjanthony4: Imperador by Mariamaral

Author's Summary: Edward is a famous porn star that works at Carlisle and Charlie's movie company with his friends Emmet and Jasper. What will happen when Charlie decides that it's time for his little girl to run the family business. Cannon couples/OOC/AH. LEMONS.

Why pjanthony4 loves it:

I found it a couple of days ago from a Twitter rec, read an enormous amount of FF (shameful but true), and this has truly owned me since I started it! I'm recommending it because in addition to the hot steaminess of this story...and it is so that! is a fabulous relationship that develops between Edward and Bella, dealing with his broken past, her inexperience, and a crazy stalker who is threatening her.

For me Edward can be many things: a hockey player, a womanizer, a doctor, a vampire, whatever, but he has to have one quality that draws me in and that's an innocence in his awakening to his feelings for Bella. I read and wait and read and wait for his breaking point, his epiphany or his acceptance of who he is or what his feelings mean. And if that's set in a lemony hot story, well the world is good! Lol! THAT'S what this story is all about!!!

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