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I obviously didnt make this picture....If I did he would be NAKED!

Hi, my name is Trisha and I'm a fanfic/Bbebarboobieaholic!

Lets see...something more about me… I'm a happily married mother of two wonderful little girls. I spend way too much time online looking up Robporn, writing fanfiction, reading fanfiction, and playing on twitter. I'm needy, loving, loyal, protective, and even be a bitchy when necessary. I love all my friends, even my online ones. Other than fanfiction I love the outdoors. My life would be complete if I was able to hook up a laptop to my kayak. I could just paddle around, stalk Rob, read pervy lemons, and play with my ladies on twittter!!

I currently have a story I’m working on called, An Angel Closes Her Eyes. I would love it if you checked it out! By the way, did I mention I’m shameless? I have no problem pimping myself, nor do I have a problem pimping others!!

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