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About Me:

Well, I really hate writing this kind of thing because I'm absolutely crap at it, but my name's Sophy/Sophie/Soph/Whatever, and I'm from London, England - AKA Rob's home town.

I like fanfiction. I write it, I enjoy it, I read it, and I'm so grateful I stumbled across however many years ago it was - it's saved me from boredom and I've made so many amazing friends because of it.

Believe it or not, I'm not a HUGE fan of Stephenie Meyer's work like I know a lot of people are - I dislike a lot of people's writing styles, and she along with Charlaine Harris (who wrote the books True Blood is based off of) are unlucky enough to be in that list.

Having said that, I do own 2 copies of Eclipse and Twilight because the first two got their spines bent (I'm very picky about how my books are treated and get all OCD about it sometimes), three copies of New Moon (four, if you count the one my friend left at my house last January,) one of which is the collector's edition, and only one copy of Breaking Dawn. I wonder why.

What else? Um... I guess I'm into a huge variety of fic, whether it be slash, BDSM PWP, alternate pairings, romance, drama, suspense... You name it, I've probably read it.

I also like a lot of different 'worlds' of fic, including; Prison Break (Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield = swoon), Vampire Academy (Again, Dimitri = swoon), and True Blood, though most my time is spent in the clusterfuck that is sometimes Twilight.

Oh, and that's another thing... I swear when I'm tired/angry/excited/confused. A lot. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Stories I write: