October 1, 2010

Fanfic Friday - October 1st

Hey, everyone.

Sorry for the delay again this week, but I (Sophz456) have been very very ill and unable to get it out on time, so I apologise for that. Anyway, today we've got some recs for you from hayboo05 and Bbebar, and we hope you enjoy them.

Happy reading!

Barely Breathing by jarkin33

Official Summary: A love taken for granted, we don't always realize what we have until it's gone. "They say bad things happen for a reason and I'd like to believe that's true." A story about realizing what's important. Edward & Bella AH

Read Bbebar's recommendation here

Fuggiasco by kdc2239

Official Summary: Edward, homeless since age twelve is used to the gritty, hard life. Now twenty, his main goal is to make it in the world, and off the streets. What happens when a girl who seems to be broken beyond repair becomes his new shadow?.

Read hayboo05's recommendation here.

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