October 21, 2009

Sophz456: A Pound of Flesh by jaxon22

Author's Summary: To pay a debt she owes her father, Isabella Swan starts a new job as a prison tutor. Edward Cullen, with his own debts, is the Punk Ass inmate in her class. Can they fight the odds and their dangerous attaction to learn from each other? A/H, Lemons, OOC.

Why Sophz456 loves it:

First off, I apologise for this rambly review, but I'm tired and excited over this fic's update, so *shrugs*.

A Pound of Flesh is one of those fics that draws you in from the get go with an amazing opening which leaves you stunned, horrified, yet somehow intruiged, then sends you on a whirlwind of drama, romance, and slight comedy with a pinch of angst thrown in (because, hell, who doesn't like some angst?) - and I fucking love it.

The opening of the fic left me staring at the screen in shock, and I couldn't help but press that next chapter button just to see what happened next. What I loved the most about that next chapter was that it didn't focus on just the angst and heartbreak of that event - you're introduced to a completely new environment and focal character straight away. And let me tell you, PunkAssWard, the cool, snarky inmate we meet in that chapter? Fucking hot as hell.

But I'll let you discover why and how PAW is so hot for yourselves - I may *thud* otherwise.

Anyway, another thing I like about this fic is the fact you actually get character growth straight away and somehow immediately feel like you know the now 23 year old Bella that we meet later that chapter, even though we last saw her when she was nine, witnessing a tragic event.

The entire thing is in third person, yet it somehow still seems personal, which is very rare in fics like these. Instead of taking away from the story, it actually adds to it because you know what BOTH of them are thinking without the bore of reading the same chapter twice from 2 POVS, and I absolutely love it.

PAW is a punkass, fair and square, and from the moment he and Bella meet, there's tension between them, and you get the distinct impression they've met somewhere before... And you soon find out that's because they have; they just don't recognise each other.

I seriously love this fic - it's creative, interesting, tense, funny, and completely different to other prison fics out there; it's not all in one place, for a start. I wish I had the words to do it justice, but since I don't, I'm just going to tell you to read and enjoy it for yourselves :)

Sophy xoxo

Bbebar: If On a Winter's Night by Touchstone67

Author's Summary: One fateful, winter's night, Edward and Jasper's lives are turned upside down. Is their relationship strong enough to withstand the aftermath, or will they be driven apart forever? Rated M for sexual situations, language. AH J/E slash

Why Bbebar loves it:

I'm going to be honest. This is probably the hardest rec I've had to write yet. I've started and restarted this multiple times and finally came to the conclusion that nothing I write here will even come close to explaining all the things I love about this fic.

In addition, I really don't want to detail what happens in this story like I normally would. I want you to read it and experience it yourself. Somehow, I feel like writing down certain plot elements will not only cheapen the story, but will take away from your own journey while reading.

I will tell you this. Technically, this is a slash fic and a unique love story between Edward and Jasper, who are both high school students. However, it's so much more than that. The important thing isn't that it's about two boys who are in love; the important thing is that it's about two people who are everything to each other. If you don't consider yourself a slash reader, read this. This story will transcend any pre-conceived notions you may have.

I will also tell you, as will Touchstone67 in multiple warnings, that IoaWN is quite angsty. But it's also emotional, beautiful, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and so very special. It will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, and you will be changed and better for it.

I have thanked Touchstone67 for being brave enough to write this story. I am not exagerating when I say that only had 2 or 3 other fics have had this impact on me. Her writing is simply gorgeous. What the characters feel, you will feel.

As I write this, IoaWN has seven chapters. I read them straight through because I literally could not stop. I won't lie and tell you it's always easy to read. I cried in every single chapter. Apparently, I'm not the only one. Touchstone67 has a running list of places not to read her story. I suggested not reading around your children. My daughter walked in on me while I was reading and thought I'd been hurt. In a way she was right; my heart was hurting.

Long after you stop reading, Edward and Jasper will stay with you. Their love, pain, and bravery will be something you keep thinking about. And even though they are fictional charaters, they will inspire you.

So, right about now, I'm struggling not to erase everything I've just written and try again. But I won't because the result would be the same. I'd still try my best to explain how truly amazing this story is, and I would still fail miserably. So instead, just trust me this one time. Grab a box of Kleenex, click on that link up there, and start reading. I'll see you at the end of chapter seven.

Hayboo05: Men Without Eyes by danieller123

Author's Summary: Bitterness meets a happy table. A new neighbor. A broken man. Reach out and touch faith. BxE AH/AU Disabledward.

Why hayboo05 loves it:

When I got an alert in my email saying that Dani had written another story, following Under The Apple Tree, I was so excited. The summary of the new story, Men Without Eyes, was vague but I knew it was going to be amazing.

From there first chapter, you gather Edward is not going to be a fluffy or happy kind of guy. He's been confined to a wheelchair after an accident a few years back. He's brooding, bitter, and not happy if someone else is. He lives with his brother Emmett who helps Edward with things he can no longer do on his own.

Bella and her daughter Ginny move in across the street and Emmett instantly befriends them. Edward tries his hardest to stay distant, but over time he finds himself 'Bella watching' out of the window. Not in a pervy way but in a curious way.

I love how Dani progresses the story at a realistic pace and doesn't have Edward falling all over himself to love Bella. To me that just makes you want to keep reading to see if they do care about each other in that way.

Bella's technically a single parent and the reason that is was something I didn't see coming, and for once, I didn't hate James.

I think it's great how Edward interacts with Ginny, Bella's daughter. She won't let Edward be a jerk to her and he finds, he doesn't want to be.

Edward is crass through the available chapters, sugar coating almost nothing and at times I found myself literally calling him an ass but that's just who he is right now. It makes you wonder if he's going to be this hard the whole story if he's going to soften a bit with Bella and Ginny's influence.

In the last chapter that posted, things heated up between Edward and Bella. I can't wait to find out if it's because of real feelings or the wine they had during dinner.

If you've ever read a fic that Dani's written, you know how amazing she is with words. She can say in five words what it would take someone else to say in an entire paragraph. Men Without Eyes is very much like that. She is an artist and her stories are her works of art.


October 6, 2009

Author Interview: Suzie55 by JMC

When I came upon Welcome To Paradise, written by the lovely Suzie55, it was only three chapters in; it's now up to fourteen. From the very first chapter, I was instantly hooked. I wondered then why I hadn't read anything of hers previously.

After reading those three chapters of Welcome To Paradise, I discovered Suzie55 on twitter. From the first moment we spoke, she was completely gracious, always replying back. I knew after talking with her more and becoming even more invested in Welcome To Paradise as the story progressed, I had to interview her. So I did. Here's the interview, so I hope you enjoy. Once again, I'd like to thank Suzie55 for allowing me to interview her.

1. How did you come to learn about Fanfiction? What made you decide to try your hand at writing it?

I read the Saga and was hooked on the books and a certain young British actor. So, I did what any girl with a new obsession does, I googled info about the movie and the actors. I eventually came across KSTEW411 and saw her talking about this story she was reading and loved. It was Master of the Universe. I googled that and voila - I discovered fanfiction. I read stories on her rec list for about 3 months before I decided to write my own. I had been writing novels (unpublished) since July 2009 after being inspired by the Saga and ready to create again. I had a new story in mind and decided I would like the feedback and it was a great way to better my skills.

2. Have you read all the Twilight books? If so, which book is your favorite and why? Which is your least favorite and why?

Yes, I've read all the books. Isn't that a requirement to write Saga fanfiction? lol. My favorite is Midnight Sun because I think it shows how truly charming and funny Edward really is. I think the books, since they're from Bella's POV, really show him as a one dimensional character sometimes making me wonder what the attraction is. But, out of published books - the first book is my favorite because it captures all the magic of first true love. My least favorite is Breaking Dawn because even though it's a beast of a book, it has so many holes in it. It's like Meyer wasn't allowed to really go where she wanted to go with the story at some points.

3. Before writing Welcome To Paradise, did you write any other stories? If so, how do you feel they differ from WTP? Which one has been your favorite to write?

The Rules of Hollywood is my first story for fanfiction. Actorward and Brown Eyes are my main characters in that one. Actorward is total swoon in my eyes. It's love at first site for him when he meets Brown Eyes and his love never falters.

In Welcome to Paradise, Surferward...at least in the beginning not only falters, he flat out rejects his feelings for Bella. He's fighting them most of the way. He gets himself in situations that he thinks will help him move past these foreign feelings because he hasn't felt that for a girl before. Those feelings scare him and he doesn't know how to handle them. Thus, enter the angst...hehe.

Cop out answer here: They are so different from each other. RofH was easy for me to write and I wrote it quickly. I felt so a part of the characters that the words were natural and flowed. WtP is complicated and the characters always seem to take the less traveled road to get to their destination. The line that was also used in the blinkie is very true for them: I never quite know my journey's end until I arrive.

RofH is all about the destination. WtP is all about the journey.

4. What inspired you to write Welcome To Paradise?

Two things: I love surfing. I used to get Surfer magazine when I was 13 just to ogle the boys and dream of being a surfer girl. I eventually went to the Surf Diva camp in San Diego as a 'grown up' to pursue it a little more. Btw - I don't live near the beach. I love Hawaii and have attempted surfing there...I stood up...once. lol

Then, there is this certain picture of Rob in a white button up and jeans carrying his shoes in his hand and holding a cigarette. I call it Walk of Shame Rob on twitter. If you follow me, you've probably seen this pic many times. That picture kind of solidified this idea because I had found my bad boy lead. Surferward would sleep with women and not be ashamed. That's his MO. That's how it started at least...

5. When deciding a plot to write about, does it just come to you, or do you do some kind of researching to aid in plot development?

I'll admit, not much research has gone into this story. I like to be accurate when it comes to little things like Hawaii, the beach names, and throwing in a few touristy spots that I've visited. But, this story is a relationship story between lovers, friends, and family. Research wouldn't help me build those dynamics, the characters do.

I will say that I didn't give Edward a Vanquish because they stopped making them in 2007. So, he drives a Vantage which is the newer model. Not important and confusing to some readers like I've made a mistake, but I like that it's correct for 2010.

6. Out of the entire Twilight saga, who is your favorite character and why?

Edward. I love the the Saga, but I sometimes find Bella kind of boring and the wolves just aren't my thing. Edward is truly going through a crisis - internally and externally. He's fighting the ultimate battle - does he take what he wants or protect what he needs...something like that.

7. What are some hobbies you like to do besides writing?

I seriously don't have time for other hobbies right now, but if I did, I like to play tennis, plan events, I used to paint a lot, but writing isn't my hobby, it's my passion. I was writing before fanfiction and I'll write after this trend has past. But, I'll enjoy the fanfiction ride while it lasts.

8. Do you feel while writing your story that the characters speak to you, like they sometimes take over to the point the chapter is altered from what you initially planned?

The characters are a part of me. They don't speak to me. I just know them so well that their actions, thoughts, etc...just come naturally and in my mind are in character for them. When Bella is upset, my heart hurts. When Surferward is mad, I feel his anger for him. It's sometimes not so beneficial to be this close to them, but on the upside...the smexy times are good. Just sayin'...

I free flow write which in my mind means I have a basis of where the story is heading, but no outline. I know the beginning, major plot points, and the ending. From there, it's getting the characters to connect the dots which usually isn't too much of a problem. But, sometimes, I do get lost in the details or all the sudden they demand a pineapple (aka lemon) from me. I kind of roll my eyes at them, but Surferward is hard to resist so he usually gets what he wants. *chuckles*

9. Overall, how has your experience been writing Welcome To Paradise? Anything you'd want to change?

I love writing this story. I originally thought it was going to be a quick summer fic that would end in September, but over the course of developing these characters, I've come to realize they deserve the rest of their story to be told. So, here I am with an opportunity to really dig deeper into their story which is exciting to me.

10. In reading or writing, do you have a specific genre you prefer? What I mean is, angst, drama, romance, etc?

I'm cheesy, but I like Chick Lit a lot - reading and writing. I'm a sucker for a good romance though I've never read a romance novel. I kind categorize a lot of the fics I read as romance novel material though and I love them. I'm kind of open to how the romance happens, dramatically, quietly, angsty...so I'm open to all kinds of stories. Writing...I think RofH is romantic with a little humor. WtP is a drama with angst.

11. Once Welcome To Paradise is finished, do you have plans to write another fic? If so, do you already have ideas as to what it will be about?

Yes, absolutely! I LOVE this form of expression and the fandom community. I've had an idea for almost two months now. I have a title which is usually the last thing I come up with, ironically, and the very basics of a storyline. I've made myself wait until I get further down the storyline with WtP before attempting a chapter one with it though. And, who knows, I might change my mind and go with a completely different idea.

I wrote a one-shot for Fandom For Preemies that was really different for me to write, but it was fun. It actually did take a little research. It won't be my next full length fic, but I got to challenge myself and try something out of my comfort zone.

12. As a writer, putting our work out there means you're willing to accept criticism for it. That also means you're bound to get some bad reviews. How do you handle such a review? What advice would you give fellow authors who receive a bad review?

I believe the more dramatic or controversial fic you write the more criticism you'll receive. Just my opinion though. On that note, I've been lucky in the sense that readers are very kind to me. If they are confused, they ask me to clarify. If they are upset by the chapter, they usually tell me that they are mad at the character and then list what they liked in the chapter too. As I've said, very lucky author here. I think the people who've disliked my story haven't bothered reviewing and I'm kind of fine with that. lol.

13. Who is your favorite character to write and why?

Edward. I love to write Edward because you do anything you want with him and it can be acceptable. Bella not so much. People have very strong opinions of how Bella should be or act.

My Edwards also swear a lot (I don't in real life) so I get to use all the good curse words when I'm writing EPOV. He thinks them and says them. He's fun to write.

These questions were submitted by readers.

1. What's your favorite holiday? (via johnnyboy1029)

Christmas because I've finally reached a point where it's not about the presents, but about the magical feeling that surrounds that holiday.

2. What's one thing that scares you? (via johnnyboy1029)

Snakes. Always snakes!

3. If you could spend a day with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why? (via johnnyboy1029)

Jane Austen because I would love to see how she wrote such amazingly descriptive and emotional stories about all the classes of society yet lived so simply.

4. What color is your comforter? (via johnnyboy1029)

*giggles* Brown with some kind of cream colored design going through it. It's pretty, but fits nicely into a home with a man in it too. (my hubs likes it)

5. Who do you prefer more, Edward or Jacob? (via THMasen)


6. I want to know how you come up with the lemons? Is there a lemon creator app out there I dont know about? (via Jendill1)

I wish there was an app and if you find one, linky me please - haha.

I write a lot of lemons in my stories and it's hard to be creative or make it different everytime. I don't set out to write one. The story usually demands one so I see where the characters are at the time and work with that situation. Ex. Against the house in chapter 11. They were there and Surferward and Bella demanded some make-up smexins. Their emotions took over so the side of the house seemed like the obvious place to hook them up. It beat the dirt path in my opinion.

I'm also a very visual person when I write so I tend to write every little detail because I see it that way in my head.

When writing a lemon just let yourself go to the point where you're comfortable or what you like to read. Good old perviness helps too.

Thank you so much, JMC.

JMC: Welcome to Paradise by Suzie55

Author's Summary: During a summer long stay in Hawaii, Bella meets Edward, letting her inhibitions go. With other options on the horizon, she eventually has to decide between her heart's desires and her head's logic. Lemons Angst Canon Lemons Happy Reading.

Why JMC loves it:

Surferward, anyone? ;)

There are so many things to love about this story. You get drama, lemons, UST, humor, sweetness, and did I mention Surferward?

To keep from being too spoilery, I'll give just a little of WTP's history. Bella goes to Hawaii for the summer to visit her best friend Alice. She immediately meets Edward at the airport after she's arrived. He's cocky and sexy, which let's face it, those two combined happen to be downfalls for a lot of women.

They end up sharing a very steamy night, and then things really get interesting. Getting in a relationship while on vacation was not in the plans for Bella, and Edward, he's quite the womanizer, so he wasn't looking for a relationship regardless, but even though these two tend to get in each other's way where the other is concerned, the attraction builds.

Feelings begin to develop, and fighting those feelings... well, we know how that usually goes for Bella and Edward.

I heard about this story through twitter, and the second I saw the mention of Suferward, I was intrigued. I read the summary, and the whole idea seemed unique to me, so I gave it a shot. I'd certainly never read anything like it before. I mean, we have all these 'wards' out there, but I'd never come across a Surferward before.

I can't express enough how glad I am for clicking that link. Not only has Suzie55 given us a unique story, but her writing is outstanding. It's fluid, and it grabs your attention immediately.

The way she writes the scenery is so picturesque, I actually feel as though I'm there with the characters. You can see it so clearly in your head. And the way she describes the characters emotions and thoughts, it's so in depth. You instantly form a connection to them because they feel real to you. Her writing is that good.

What started off as an interest in learnging about Surferward became so much more. The story itself is the gold, Surferward is just a bonus. Trust me, this fic is one you'll definitely want to read.

Hayboo05: WantNoMore by Savage7289

Author's Summary: Bella's new job takes an unexpected turn when terrorists take over her office building. Bella is taken hostage, but the sexy head henchman seems to be exactly what Bella wants and needs. BPOV.

Why hayboo05 loves it:

Want No More is a one-shot. An amazing one-shot.

Bella hates being asked to choose. She wishes someone would just make decisions for her. She's lucky enough to have Edward be that someone.

Working as Aro's personal assistant, Bella finds herself doing mundane things such as data entry, making copies, and keeping track of Aro's passwords to some very private folders.

When the fire alarm goes off, Bella ignores it, thinking it's only a drill. She soon learns that the 'danger' in fact real. Enter Jasper, Felix, and Edward. Criminals at large, if you will. They have evacuated the building so they could find some very important files. That just happen to be on Aro's computer. The one that Bella knows all the passwords to.

Edward isn't like any other guy Bella's met. He tells her what she's going to do and she likes it. She complies to his demands with almost no second thoughts.

After getting the information he needs, Edward realizes he needs a little something extra...and after an extremely HOT encounter, Bella makes a decision-one she doesn't resent having to make- she decides she wants to go with Edward.

"I'll make it all worth your while," he whispered low in my ear. "I'm going to cover you in diamonds during the day and fuck you senseless during the night."

"I'm not so sure about diamonds," I said, moaning as his mouth as it covered my earlobe and sucked on it. "But the last part sounds like exactly what I want."

I felt Edward's stomach muscles tense as he slowly entered me again. He breathed his words, hot and wet, into my ear.

"Want no more."

Honestly, this one-shot owned me and once you read it, you'll want more. Much, much more. Savage's writing is amazing and if you only read one of her stories (which would be a mistake on your part...read them all!) it should definately be this one.


Bbebar: Getting Away With Murder by iAMurPoison

Author's Summary: Bella is a paid assassin traveling down a long road paved with regrets and disappointment. One day she runs into Edward Cullen and her life changes forever. What will happen if Edward finds out Bella's dirty secret? AU. AH. OOC.

Why Bbebar loves it:

To put it simply, I love GAWM because I have yet to read another fic like it. I saw iAMurPoison on twitter mention that she was writing a new story. All I recall of her answer, after asking what it was about, is her mention of a badass Bella. Frankly, that was enough for me because let's face it, you're a lot more likely to find a badass Edward in fanfiction.

Bella in GAWM is a paid assassin. That's right; she gets paid to kill people. (I told she was badass.) The story begins with Bella on her regular morning coffee run. On this day, she is more distracted than usual due to an upcoming job, and she literally runs right into someone. Looking up, she sees a man so gorgeous that she is completely affected by him. So much so, that she continues to be distracted at work. Even her partner Rose notices that something is off.

However, Bella has a job to prepare for and must fly out of town that evening. iAMurPoison's description of Bella in her element is all kinds of win. It reminds me of a cross between Alias and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Not only is Bella a badass, but she's good at what she does. The people she is hired to kill are criminals. There is no sympathy for the victims here.

Edward is a business man who works at Cullen Investments. After running into Bella at the coffee shop, he continues to be distracted as well. In fact, he plans to return the next morning at the same time in hopes of running into her again. After a day at the office, Edward heads out to a club with his brother Emmett. Emmett soon hooks up with a woman, so Edward is left to entertain her friend, Jessica. He takes her back to her place, and the sex scene that follows is when I decided that this Edward is Cockyward. He not only acts as if he's doing Jessica a favor by letting her be fucked by him, he also fantasizes about Bella the entire time.

Eventually, Edward and Bella do meet again. Their attraction to each other is obvious. However, due to Bella's line of work, she does not allow herself to date. Edward keeps asking, and she keeps turning him down. She very much wants to be with him but doesn't see how it could possibly work.

This story has it all if you ask me. It's sexy, funny, and uniquely intriguing. I am loving Cockyward's and Assassinella's interactions. Their chemistry is off the charts, and I have a feeling it's only going to get stronger. My head is filled with so many possibilites as to where iAMurPoison will take this story. All I know for sure is that I'm in for one hell of an exciting ride.

October 1, 2009

Hayboo05: Fuggiasco by kdc2239

Official Summary: Edward, homeless since age twelve is used to the gritty, hard life. Now twenty, his main goal is to make it in the world, and off the streets. What happens when a girl who seems to be broken beyond repair becomes his new shadow?.

Why hayboo05 loves it:

Why do I love this story? Hmm...well it's amazing for one. It's written so well and kdc does a great job of grabbing your attention from the very beginning.

The story starts out with a homeless Edward. He isn't always homeless but has been on and off since he was twelve. He doesn't give a lot of clues as to his life when he was little at the beginning but he does tell us about his past as the story progresses.

One night as he's sleeping on a bench, he meets Bella. She's dirty and bruised. Edward saves her from being attacked by two guys and thus gaining a shadow. It's a lot for Edward to get used to because he's always been on his own. At least since he started his life on the streets. He can't figure out why he doesn't just tell Bella to leave. He wants to take care of her and that's another alien feeling. He's never cared about a girl the way he cares about Bella.

Over the course of the available chapters, you learn why Bella is so broken. It really is a sad story and you feel awful for Bella. You definately understand why she's so scared and timid all the time.

Throughout this fic, you see both Edward and Bella gain strength from each other and over come some of their fears. One thing to mention...Edward and Bella aren't homeless the whole story but you see that can change at any moment and Edward is very aware of that. You read of the struggles of living on the streets and the ways the two of them try very hard to make sure they don't end up back on them.

Right now, Edward and Bella are in Forks facing Bella's past and I'm so anxious to see where it goes and how they both handle it not being just the two of them.

I personally can't get enough of this story! It's so well written, it's written with feeling, and the characters are ones that you want to get better and be happy.

Kdc is an amazing writer and I hope ya check out her story. You'll be doing yourself a favor!

Bbebar: Barely Breathing by jarkin33

Author's Summary: A love taken for granted, we don't always realize what we have until it's gone. "They say bad things happen for a reason and I'd like to believe that's true." A story about realizing what's important. Edward & Bella AH.

Why Bbebar loves it:

I've got to be honest. This story had me at Jaime. When I found out she had written her first fic, I knew right away that I would check it out. Jaime is amazing and has been nothing but great to me.

However, even the way I feel about her wouldn't have kept me reading a fic that wasn't worth my time. And believe me when I say this; Barely Breathing is well worth your time.

Barely Breathing is a short story consisting of only six chapters. I think of it as a snapshot into the lives of Edward and Bella during one moment in time. One of the things I like about this story is Edward and Bella are together when it begins. In fact, they have been for the past five years. We learn that Edward has become somewhat of a workaholic and consequently has been taking Bella for granted. Bella, in an attempt to get their relationship back on track, has planned a romantic evening. Unfortunately, Edward cancels their plans yet again.

This is the straw that breaks the camel's back, and Bella tells Edward they can no longer go on like this. She leaves him, and they are both devastated. The following chapters give you a glimpse into their time apart as well as how they find their way back together. Let's just say that Bella leaving was the wakeup call that Edward needed. Let's also just say there may or may not be hot, sexy, UNFable makeup sex involved (and it may or may not be all kinds of WIN!)

Another reason I love this fic so much is that there is such a sweet honesty about it. It is pure and heartfelt, and that is a credit to Jaime's writing and characters. Please go show this story some love. Then, do what I did...beg her to expand it so that we get the before and after, because this is one story you will want more of.