September 22, 2009

Bbebar: What Are The Chances by danieller123

Author's Summary: Seeing past the dirt. True beauty inside and out. Routines undone. Edward and Bella. This is life.

Why Bbebar loves it:

I chose to rec this story even though I knew it would be hard to convey the things about it which make it so special. Let me begin by saying that you haven't read another fic like this one. It is utterly unique and original. As danieller123 tells us before every update, "I am trying something new. These entries are short on purpose. Updates daily. Like pieces to a puzzle. All in Edward's POV."

Short entries mean really short. Chapter 1 is 99 words; I counted them. The pictures that danieller123 is able to paint, and the emotions she is able to convey in those handful of words is astounding.

Everyday she updates. It's like a little present in your inbox. Just like pieces of a puzzle that gradually add to the overall picture. It's like the best form of foreplay. A little kiss here, a carress there...all leading up to something you know is pretty incredible.

This is what we know so far. Edward is already an adult when the story begins. Bella is a 10 year old child. Edwards meets Bella on his daily jogs past her house. Something about her captivates him. (Not in any sexual way, don't worry) It is clear that Bella is not well taken care of. One day, as Edward jogs past Bella's house, she is not on her porch to wave to him as always. He finds her, and she has been badly abused. He takes her and runs away. They set up a new life where Edward claims to be her older brother. Each successive update fast forwards several years to where Bella is now seventeen. We know that her feelings for Edward have grown. However, Edward has continued to maintain an appropriate relationship between them.

As I write this review, WaTC has 11 chapters. It will take you maybe 15 minutes to read them all. And when you do, you will be left wanting more. You will be left waiting for that next puzzle piece to appear in your mailbox. You will be left amazed at how danieller123 has managed to create something unlike anything you've ever read. You will be left wondering how so few words can say so much.

Nothing I write here will do this story justice. I encourge you to experience this story for yourself. And it is an experience, something to be savored in small bites like fine chocolate. This is one indulgence you won't regret.


  1. I totally agree with your review. It is so powerful with so few words. I look forward to the updates everday.

  2. Thanks again for reading our recs and sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate it!!

  3. I can't find "What are the chances" Its not on FanFiction. Can someone send me a pdf or a copy of the story? send it to Thanks so much and looking forward to reading it.