September 16, 2009

Sophz456: Raw and Rosy by TuesdayMidnight

Author's Summary: Jasper Hale hates his high school rival Edward Cullen with a passion. What happens when Jasper discovers Edward's little secret? Spank!Fic. AH/AU/OOC. Rated M. Contains mature content.

Why Sophz456 loves it:

Well, I seem to be going through a slash phase right now, going by the fact my last rec was also a slash fic, but hey ho. I love reading a bit of boy lovin’!

I’m not entirely sure how I found this fic originally, but I’m going to guess it was through one of the ladies on Twitter since it’s talked about a LOT over there. When I first read the summary, I was curious, of course, but sort of hesitant about actually reading the full story. It wasn’t anything against TuesdayMidnight (I’ve read most of her fics and absolutely adore them), but after reading stories like The Submissive/The Dominant, The Forbidden Room, etc., I doubted anything could really live up to my expectations.

Boy, was I wrong.

The story starts off with Jasper being a bit of an ass (no pun intended) to his ‘nemisis’ Edward, and the two end up almost fighting on the ground until the principal comes over and separates them. Again. They try and act all friendly so they don’t get in deep shit, but then Jasper slaps Edward’s ass as a joke and holy fuck, you know where it’s gonna go from there:

No, it was when I gave him the slightly-harder-than-friendly pat on his ass that he reacted so strangely.

Then, I finally realized it.

Edward Cullen liked to be spanked.

Oh, this was too good to pass up.

I was hooked from that moment on.

The story may not be hugely long at the moment, but the 14 chapters that are up are purely amazing and will leave you dying for more. It’s not your typical spank or slash fic – it has real meaning at the heart of it and isn’t pure PWP (which you’d kind of expect from a spank!fic). It’s also not one of your typical ‘finding yourself in high school and struggling with your sexuality’ kind of fics either – Jasper is well aware of his sexuality, and there’s no true ‘soul searching’ as such, which is good, because I find that always gets really tedious after a while.

I don’t have enough words to describe how truly brilliant this fic is, and I urge you to try it for yourself, even if you’re not a huge slash fan. It’s well worth it, believe me.

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