September 22, 2009

shackle_me: Mergers and Acquisitions by Touchstone67 and Domward's Mistress

Author's Summary: When Edward pays for a night of harmless fun, he didn't expect to get the purchase of a lifetime. Will his nights in Seattle change his whole life in Chicago? Full length story for the second place winner in the Slash/Backslash Contest. Rated M. J/E.

Why shackle_me loves it:

I'm just gonna throw this out there: I love reading boy/boy slash. LOVE it. I don't know why, but I do. That being said, I've really kind of limited myself to one-shot stories. I never thought I would be interested in a multi-chapter slash fic. But I gotta say, M & A has certainly got me hooked!

Some background on the story: Jasper (aka Escortsper) is a gay man working as a highly paid escort, but not so long ago he was living on the streets and working as a hooker. Edward (aka Mergerward) is a successful businessman who has yet to come out of the closet. Emmett is the only one who knows Edward is gay and he suggests Denali's Escorts as a way for Edward to relieve some tension while he's traveling to Seattle for business.

Edward's first foray into the world of escorts finds him paired up with Jake. Yeah, you'd think that an Edward/Jake pairing might not be so hot, right? Wrong! It doesn't matter who the pairing is, the boysexin is always panty-dropping HOT!

*stares off dreamily* Umm, what was I saying? Oh, right...Edward, escorts, boysexin...*sigh*

Anyway, Edward first notices Jasper in the bar of the hotel where he's waiting to meet Jake for an evening of hot boy-on-boy loving, and of course, he's immediately drawn to Jasper. Unfortunately, Jasper's "boyfriend" shows up before Edward can work up the nerve to talk to him. So, imagine his surprise when he sees Jasper's picture on the Denali Escorts web site and realizes that he can have least for a night.

But, what begins as one night quickly morphs into something much bigger and Edward becomes one of Jasper's regular customers. It's easy to see that these two are equally drawn to each other, but they are both hesitant to pursue anything more - both for very different reasons.

I love the way the authors write these characters. Touchstone67 writes Jasper and Domward's Mistress writes Edward. And they are so REAL. Jasper doesn't apologize for what he is - he's done what he had to do to survive his childhood and living on the streets. He's rough around the edges, and I like that. He's protective of those he cares about, like Riley. And he likes to fuck. A lot. There's no other way to put it. And I like that, too!

Edward, on the other hand, is very much in turmoil. He is constantly struggling with the fact that he's gay, but closeted. He doesn't have a problem with being gay, just that he feels like he can't be himself except when he's with Jasper. He feels that coming out would ruin his career and disappoint his father. His struggle is very true to life IMO and his pain is damn near palpable, especially after he meets Jasper.

There are some other players you should know about as well. There's Peter, the businessman that becomes Jasper's first "regular". I don't mind Peter, but I always feel like Jasper is cheating on Edward when he's with Peter because he does care for Peter. I mean, I know that Jasper is doing his job and all, but my heart hurts sometimes when Jasper is with Peter because you just know there's somethind deeper, even if it's not as strong as what he feels for Edward.

Then there's Spencer. I don't like Spencer. You won't like Spencer. He's evil and manipulative and makes me want to commit felonies. And that tells me that the authors are doing a good job!

Finally...I should warn you...the boysexin in this fic is like no other. If it's uber-hot, insanely graphic boysexin you're looking for, you're in the right place! (Hell yes!) Seriously...there's not a lemon in this story that hasn't gotten me all hot and bothered. I think that's why I love it so much. These girls are NOT shy about saying exactly what's happening in a scene. Forget cookie-cutter lovey dovey making love. This is straight up fucking for the most part. Hot, wild, fucking-like-animals fucking. And I love it!

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  1. I would just like to confirm and second everything Cuffy has said in her review. M&A is seriously one of the hottest #boysexin fics I've ever read. will not be disappointed!!