September 22, 2009

Hayboo05: We Don't Break, We Bend by LyricalKris

Author's Summary: When the man who's supposed to love them hurts them, and the people who are supposed to save them won't listen, it falls on their shoulders to not just survive, but save each other.

Why hayboo05 loves it:

It amazes me that this story only has 589 reviews. It's incrediable on so many levels. I had a hard time writing this review, not because I couldn't think of tons of wonderful things to say about it, but because it's just too good for my words.

It's a story that stands by itself. It doesn't need recs or suggestions. It simply needs to be read.

BUT since this is a reccing site...I suppose I should tell ya why I'm reccing it. ;)

This story is angsty. I mean...I cried a couple times...angsty. It's also complete so you don't have to wait for updates. It's a short read due to the fact that the chapters are a bit on the shorter side but also because you can't stop reading it once you've started!

To the outside world, James Whitlock looks like a wonderful father, but those who live inside his house know the truth. Jasper is James' real son. After a horrible accident Jasper is taken in by his father. Sadly, James' intentions are not as heroic or fatherly as he would like people to think. After two years of beatings and verbal abuse, Jasper is about ready to just give up...

Enter Edward and Bella. Through tragic events of their own, they end up foster children in the Whitlock residence. They save Jasper. Jasper saves them. The Cullen's save them all.

They become friends with Alice and Emmett Cullen. They're invited over often and they see how it's supposed to be. No beatings, yelling, berating words. Just family.

Jasper fights with himself though about the feelings he has for Alice. He doesn't see himself or the life he leads as someone or something that he wants her around. Edward has similar thoughts about Bella but to all three of them the situation is bigger than they are.

In the end, with the help of the Cullens, they break free from the man that has darkened every day since they arrived to live with him.

Through this story all I could think about was how strong these characters were even though to themselves they seemed anything but. LyricalKris writes with such emotion that you can't help but feel it too. I really liked seeing POV's from each character. It really lets you see how differently they view things and what they think about certain situations. It's honestly one of my favorite parts of the story.

The angst factor is high but don't let that keep you from reading this story. At the end of it, all you see is strength, courage, faith, friends, and love.


  1. Thank you darlin. Really. MWAH.

  2. Thanks for the rec. I just finished this fic this week and absolutely loved it! So tragic and heartbreaking throughout but a beautiful happy ending. So much emotion. Everyone needs to read this.