September 1, 2009

shackle_me: The Art of Breaking by jdbeaner

Author's Summary: They were so different. Different goals, different friends, different worlds. Maybe even different gods... if he even believed in God. She didn't know. What she did know was that she wanted him... badly.

Shackle_me's Summary: Biblella and Badassward. 'Nuff said!

Why shackle-me loves it:

I love this fic because I love Bean! Well, that's not true. I DO love the Beaner, but I love this fic because it's a unique premise and Beaner is an excellent writer. This is her second fic, and the progress she's made as a writer is AMAZING. I really can't say enough about her or her writing!

In this story, Bella is attending a bible college called Northern University. She meets Edward when he stops to help her after she gets a flat tire on her way to a wedding reception. Little does she know that Edward (along with Alice and Jasper) is actually part of the catering crew at the same wedding reception. He calls her Pollyanna. She calls him jackass. Sparks fly.

Badassward assumes that Biblella is a 'good girl' because she attends Bible college. But I think Biblella is itching to break out of her shell and Badassward is just the man to help her do it. Her uber-religious, overprotective parents would like nothing more than for Bella to date good Christian boy Mike Newton, but Bella is having none of that. What happens when Biblella defies her parents and goes for it with Badassward? What happens when the bible college finds out what Badassward and Biblella have been up to?

It's only 4 chapters in, but I find myself impatiently waiting for Beaner to update. (You hear that, Bean??) Seriously, do yourself a favor and go read The Art of Breaking and make sure you leave Beaner some love! She is truly one of this fandom's best-kept secrets!

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