September 8, 2010

Fanfic Wednesday - September 8th

Hey there, everyone.

This week, we've got four wonderful recs for you from shackle_me, tg10781, JMC, and Bbebar. We hope you like them!

Happy reading!

For How Long by Hayboo05

Official Summary: Sometimes the road you're on isn't the road that leads you to where you're supposed to be. Demetri controls Bella. A Cullen will help her make a new life. It can be that easy...right? BxE

Read Bbebar's recommendation here

On My Own by littleclarestar

Official Summary: Reluctantly running the family house & estate on an island off the West Coast of Scotland, having inadvertently run it towards bankruptcy, ex Soldier Edward Cullen has help forced upon him by the bank, in the shape of one I Swan.

Read JMC's recommendation here.

Chancing Fate by JMCullen09

Official Summary: After relocating to Forks with her parents to take ownership of the family store, Bella Swan meets an angry Edward Cullen - who happens to work at her parent's store, but not by choice. Both have secrets and pain. Is their meeting coincidence or fate? OOC

Read shackle_me's recommendation here.

Author's Summary: Alert the Darwin Awards! Bella Swan, depressed and demented, nearly dies trying to kill herself & is shipped to Forks WA. Watch her update her facebook status and fall in love. WARNING: MA, very dark comedy. OOC w/ nod to canon , E/B some Jake , AH

Read tg10781's recommendation here.

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