September 22, 2010

Recommend a Fic: You Found Me by Kristylized

Today, we have a wonderful recommendation for you all from the lovely brittl76! She's reccing something from the Twilight universe, and we hope you enjoy it!

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Happy reading!

You Found Me by Kristylized

Official Summary: Edward Masen is nomadic vampire travelling with James and Victoria. While rampaging on the outskirts of Forks, he stumbles upon a girl reading in a meadow and soon learns there's more to being a vampire than he ever thought possible. AU.

Britt176's say:
"First and foremost it is in EPOV which always has more depth in Vamp AU fics. He has lived almost a century and not a vegetarian vamp. He can read the minds of others, so we get quite a bit of what is going on with others too. It is canon with a twist of the original version of the books. In my opinion less cheese in this fanfic version. It is as chaste as the orig. books which is quite refreshing nowadays in fan fic.

I think this will change as the story progress. It is a WIP and has reached chapter 16 so far. It has not reached the climax of the story. The author is taking her time to build her characters and story without losing your interest. I would go on, but hopefully you like it as much as I do and get it out there for others to find and enjoy."

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