August 31, 2010

Author Interview: TeamBella23 by Bbebar

This week, Bbebar interviewed the lovely TeamBella23 for us.

Click here to see how it went!


  1. absolutely awesome interview. Great questions too! I love her, she is fearless and sooooo very strong! Thanks for taking the time to interview her and posting it. I love to know more about authors I care about and Mary is definitely one of those. Cheers!

  2. Great job! Its so nice to get to know some of the authors behind the stories that we read. Its reminds us that they are normal people just like us which I think sometimes we forge. Much love ♥

  3. I loved this interview. Mary such the gracious and open interviewee...always giving of her time. As a HUGE fan of Mary's it was great to have some insight into what makes her tick. Bbebar, as the interviewer thank you for the amazing questions and involving the readers as well. Fabulous collaborative effort! xx